Quick, Discreet Bail Bondsman Service In Jefferson County Colorado

We have all done something we regret at least once in our lives. In a few cases, that something you regret involves handcuffs and flashing lights. If you or someone you love has had a little indiscretion and been arrested for it, we can help. A jail cell is a very unpleasant place to stay, and not somewhere you want to be for a long period of time. We are here to offer bail bonds to you, minus the lecture. We offer bail bonds quickly and at any time of day or night. We are even available on most holidays, because jail time doesn’t end just because your difficulty emerged on a festive occasion.
We understand that when you are under stress, the last thing you need is to be told how you could have done better. What is done is done, and there is nothing you can do to undo it. In some cases, you may even be completely innocent, and staying behind bars for something you didn’t do can be a horrifying and embarrassing experience. Whatever the case, you need help now, and you’d probably prefer it from someone who is polite, professional, and unlikely to look down on you. We are here to provide that help in Jefferson County Colorado. We can work with you every step of the way, explaining our steps in an understandable manner so you can leave jail and get back to your family, your job, your life. Being free is something we all value, and getting there can be as simple as getting a bail bond to help you through.

What our service is all about?
How does the process work?

Typically speaking a judge will set both a bond amount and a bail amount when issuing a court date. These amounts are often different, and a bond can end up being a much smaller amount then the bail. A bail bond is a form of collateral meant to ensure you show up for your next court date. That bond usually represents a sum of money given in trust to a court to ensure that you will show up for your court appearance. It is usually a large enough amount to be too painful to just leave behind, and often too much for a family to afford. The money is returned once that person safely shows up for the court appearance, but if the person does not show, the money is taken by the courts and a warrant is issued for the person’s arrest.

Jefferson County Walk Through Bail Bonds Available

If you have a warrant out for your arrest, you may be able to avoid any jail time by calling us first. We can make calls and make the necessary arrangements so you can avoid arrest entirely in most cases. When you pick up that phone to call us, a licensed and bonded agent will be waiting to take you through the process of getting a bail bond. You can rest assured that all information that you provide us is confidential, and we can often get your warrant lifted and a court date scheduled without you ever seeing the inside of a jail.

Jefferson County Bail Bondsman Are Available 24/7!

Jail time is more than just stressful and embarrassing. While you are locked up, you are receiving no income from your job. If you are unable to notify your job of your absence, they can fire you for non-appearance, and in these uncertain economic times that can be a devastating financial problem. You need to be able to continue working, taking your kids back and forth to school, and essentially running your life. A gap in that continuity can be devastating.
We can help you get back to your life quickly and easily. Once your bond is posted, as long as you show up for your court dates you are free to continue about your life as if nothing happened.

What our Jeffco bail bondsman do

We are a professional bail bonds company, offering affordable bail bonds in Jefferson County, Colorado, and also cities within Jeffco. When you call we will collect the information we need to get you the bail bond we need. You will need to sign some basic documents, and then after the documents are finalized a licensed bondsman will post the bond.
This shouldn’t take very long at all, usually no more than two hours. You can pay us for our services using cash, check, or credit card. We do offer financing for those who are qualified.

Who We Are

We are a family owned company with agents all throughout the Jefferson County area. We are polite, professional, and always ready to assist you. Our staff is familiar with a variety of different situations and can get you free on bail and back to your family, work, or business within just a couple of hours.
Accidents certainly do happen, and we are there to make sure you don’t have to suffer for a simple mistake. All you need to do is sign some paperwork and show up for your court dates, as promised.

What you need to bring

If your loved one is in jail and needs a bond fast, we’ll need a few things to get you on the road. We can get your friend or family member free quicker if you bring everything we need right away. This includes two forms of ID, two current pay stubs, and proof of your address.
Depending on how much the bond is for, you may also need collateral. This could be in the form of cash, the deed to a home, CD, or other stock options. These are not things you will be giving up forever, assuming who the person is for does not skip out on their court date. They are simply something of value to help ensure the appearance of the person who the bond is for.
What happens if I don’t show up for my court date?
Often in the case of people released on bail bonds, a bounty hunter is also sent out to search for that person. They have the same authority to detain fugitives as police, and will do what it takes to bring them in. It can be a frightening experience, but one easily skipped by simply making those court appearances.
We offer affordable services and even provide our clients with multiple payment options – credit card, check or cash. If you are qualified, we may also offer flexible financing option for you. When you contact us, please provide us with name and date of birth of the inmate and we will search and offer the best bail bonds service. Call us today and we will help you be with your family and enjoy life. Let us offer you the most professional and reliable bail bonds services in Jefferson County Colorado.
If you or a person you love ever ends up needing a bond, please keep us in mind. We are professional, polite, and non-judgmental. We can help you get your life smoothed out by making sure you don’t spend any more time in jail then you have to, if any at all